Thursday, July 31, 2008

What An Incredible 10 Day Journey

I have recently returned from a 10 day journey that involved a substantial amount of time on the road, a great week at a church camp, and a short vacation with my best friend to Chicago.

The journey began on Saturday July 19 as I drove from Kansas City to the Memphis, TN area to meet up with a band I would be a part of for a week-long church camp. This was about a 9 hour trip by the time I stopped for gas, breaks, and lunch. Upon arriving, it was time to meet new people, the band I would be ministering with this week. After church on Sunday July 20, it was off to Panama City Beach, Florida for the week. My friend Trey had put us together and I must say, it was an incredible group to be a part of. Truly great hearts and musicianship all around. Trey, Kerry, Mallory, and was a privilege.

You can't have a great camp without a great camp speaker, and the Lord provided wonderfully in the person of Ben Williams. The camp theme was that of the Biggest Loser, but we weren't talking about a weight-loss competition show on tv. Ben spoke about what it truly means to lose everything for Christ, what church is and is not, and of course, shared/preached the Gospel every night.

The Lord was working powerfully all week, in ways seen and unseen. The Lord brought me 1,000 miles that one student might be saved. Some call it a crazy God thing or something of that sort, I call it a deep honor and privilege to be used by Him in such a way. This student reminded me of where I had been at his age and after forming a relationship with him throughout the week, he received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior on the last night of camp after the Invitational portion of the service. I got to lead him in that prayer and it was just AWESOME! OUR GOD IS A GOD WHO SAVES!!!

After what had been a great week spiritually, musically, and personally, the week climaxed with an absolutely electric last service of camp. The order of the service looked like this:

1-Everlasting God
2-Your Grace is Enough
3-Blessed Be Your Name
4-We Are Yours

Lifehouse "Everything" Skit

5-Mighty to Save
7-From the Inside Out
9-Marvelous Light (Slow Version)

Message: "The Danger of Not Growing"

Invitational Time:

Grace Flows Down...spontaneous flowing by the Spirit's leading into Amazing Love back to Grace Flows Down into The Wonderful Cross and back to Grace Flows Down

This was one of the most crazy-awesome times of worship I've been part of leading. The Spirit of the Lord was running wild through this place. What a BLESSING!!!

By the Sunday after camp, 5 kids had gotten saved and are going to be Baptized soon. I praise the Lord and thank Him for doing what He did and for allowing me to be a part of it.

And so Friday July 25 rolls around and it's time to drive from Florida to Memphis, and that takes 10 hours. Saturday July 26 and I drive from Memphis to Kansas City, a 9 hour journey. Sunday July 27 I drive with my best friend to Chicago from Kansas City. That's 9 hours as well. So, we hit 9 States in 3 Days...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Chicago was a great time, I made it to Michigan Avenue (The Miracle Mile), The Navy Pier, the Lincoln Park Zoo, The Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum, and to the House of Blues. If you haven't been to Chicago, you must go, it's an incredible place.

And so now, it's back to work at the Toon Shop. I am blessed to have a job in the music field because outside of teaching in the public school system, they can sometimes be hard to come by. I will work for the entire month of August. I will continue to raise support for my YWAM Training which begins in SEPTEMBER, Approx. 50 days away, WOW!, and at the beginning of September I will make a short trip to Louisiana to see some wonderful friends in concert two nights in a row, spend time with other YWAM people, and to retreat for a few days and focus on the training session that approaches me.

If you're reading this, thank you....I'd like to ask you to just take a minute or two and pray for these few things for me...

1-That I would continue to live in the grace and mercy and love of Jesus Christ, I cannot make it a moment or a day on my own.

2-For God's continued provision of funds for my YWAM Training, I trust Him 100% with this as He has called me to YWAM. He has already provided nearly $1,000.00 of what I need, PRAISE HIS NAME!!!

3-The Lord's guidance about what direction I am supposed to take following my Discipleship Training School with YWAM Nashville which will end in March of 2009.

Thanks, and be greatly blessed,



Kate said...

very awesome Zach! (Or should I say wicked I'm so glad it was such an incredible time and that you were able to see God move in tangible ways!

Liz said...

Hey Zach, I really think that is so cool. God is indeed a saving God and am glad you were used as a vessel for His love to bring this one person into the Kingdom of God! Thanks for being humble and willing.