Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Time Draws Closer...

Hello All,

It has been a few weeks since I last posted anything here, and so in keeping with the effort to update this regularly, here I am once again. The past few weeks have been going by very quickly. I've been working extra hours at work and have also been continuing to campaign rather vigorously for funds that are to go towards my YWAM Training. The Lord has been faithful in providing me support and I trust that He will provide all that is needed when it is needed. If you are reading this and have contributed towards that cause, I thank you. If you are praying for me, I thank you for that also.

The Lord is continuing to prepare me in every way (Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Personally), and is also making my calling and election sure. I have also recently spoken to my School Leader and she informed me that our DTS Break would be over Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. My initial reaction was one of slight disappointment, since I have never been away from my family at Christmas time before. I trust in the Lord though and in the leadership He has appointed at YWAM Nashville. I now see that the Lord must have something amazingly wonderful planned for our team at Christmas time, since such a sacrifice is being required of us. This now excites me greatly.

Another great highlight of recent weeks was the August 19th release of Charlie Hall's latest studio album "The Bright Sadness" and David Crowder's "The Remedy Club Tour" DVD. Charlie's lastest album is his best work yet and I am a huge fan of his previous work. "Flying into Daybreak" was and still is a phenomenal album, but he and the band take it to a new level with "The Bright Sadness." My personal favorites from Charlie's latest album are Mystery, My Brightness, You Are God, The Second Alive, and Hookers and Robbers. Mystery is the hands-down favorite, it is such a simple song but presents the bedrock of our faith. The chorus presents the Truth summized in a simple yet incredible way: "Christ has died and Christ is risen and Christ will come again." Upon those three truths we build all our hope and faith.

From David Crowder's "Remedy Club Tour" DVD, we get an incredible 16 song manifesto of a performance. The DVD was filmed in HiDef in New York City and in Atlanta. From a performance standpoint, it is phenomenal. The production is also top-notch. The extras are a literal treasure trove of information in which we get to hear from ALL 6 BAND MEMBERS about their gear setup, sounds, layering, and effects that are being used in different songs. The On The Road documentary is also a fun look into daily life with the band on tour.

I guess there is not too much to report about life right now as I continue to draw closer to my departure from Kansas City to the Nashville area for training with YWAM. I would, as always, would like to ask you to take a moment and pray for me over a few things as you finish reading this. I thank you greatly for reading this and for your prayers....

1-Pray that I would grow in all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and that my appetite for the Lord would be ravenous. Pray also for an outpouring of His grace and mercy on me in abundance, I can't go anywhere or do anything without them.

2-Pray for continued provision from the Lord for my financial needs at YWAM. I trust Him implicitely to provide for these needs as He is the One who has called me to this ministry. If you haven't already, please prayerfully consider contributing financially to my training, if that is something you are interested in doing, I will happily give you the necessary information.

3-Pray for my physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional preparation as the time to go approaches. I am organizing e-mails, this blog, and other means of communication to keep everyone informed about what I'm going to be doing at YWAM Nashville and while on the outreach portion of my training.

Thank you all and be greatly blessed,