Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Inaugural Post

Well, here I am, making my first blogpost. The only thing similar I've done to this is write notes on Facebook, and I haven't really done that too often either. I'm hoping I will make a lot more use of this avenue of sharing my life than I have with other means. The primary reason I've started this blog, is because in the next couple of months, I will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee to begin training with Youth With a Mission (September 20, 2008). I'll be in Nashville for three months, and will then spend two months ministering overseas somewhere. I do not know where yet.

I honestly do not know exactly what's coming up after my five months with YWAM Nashville, but I am excited beyond words to see what God does. I would love to tour playing praise and worship music with a group out of Nashville, I would love to move to my beloved New Orleans and minister there fulltime, perhaps go to Graduate School at a Seminary or good Music School, and there are several other things I'd love to do as well. Whatever happens, I know this, God is the giver and creator of dreams, and He is the fulfiller of those dreams. And so with that conclusion, whatever is coming, MUST be awesome because Jesus planned it.

I guess to wrap up this first of what I hope will be regular posts about what I'm doing in ministry, missions, worship, and much more, this blog will be the regular avenue I use to share about what's going on in life amidst my training with YWAM, as we minister overseas during that time of training and what goes on beyond the chapter of Discipleship Training School. The session begins in September and it will be on my doorstep before I know it....

If you are reading this, I'd like to ask you to pray for me on a few things....

1-Constantly receiving God's grace and mercy, I cannot make it a day without it....

2-The Lord's provision of all that I need to go to YWAM (financial support)....
-I COMPLETELY trust the Lord on this and am believing Him for it because only the Lord
will be able to produce the funds needed to go

3-The Lord's guidance and direction to become apparent for what I am to do after my Discipleship Training School is finished with YWAM Nashville (this will end around March 1, 2009)
-Possibilities include staffing in YWAM New Orleans, touring with a worship band, or it may be a possibility that I have not yet considered

Thank you all for reading,



bkvan said...

God bless you as you continue in this journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Bruce and Karen

God's girl said...
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God's girl said...

Keeping you in my prayers, my brother!

Hey, you've got a blog! :)I've had an account for a while with Blogger but recently deleted my weblog. Maybe I'll start up again.
Looking forward to updates from you in the future! And definitely cant wait to hear how God's going to use you even more with YWAM.

In His grip,